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Introducing: The Oracle Witch

Updated: May 3

This is the fifth in a series of eight posts outlining the asymmetric 'Celestial boards' that players choose from at the start of the game. The Oracle Witch is a character with a focus on learning new Cosmic Powers, and thinning out your deck to make it more efficient and powerful.

The Lore

In the epoch of the Celestial Council's dominion, the Oracle Witch stood as a sentinel, wielding the infinite potential of prophecy to shield the council from relics and entities poised to disrupt their sovereignty. Whispers abound that she long foresaw the council's eventual downfall, yet despite her relentless efforts to obliterate threats, the course of destiny remained immutable. Through the passage of time, she honed her craft, discovering the ability to siphon energy from the very entities she vanquished.


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