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Introducing: The Celestial Synergist

This is the fourth in a series of eight posts outlining the asymmetric 'Celestial boards' that players choose from at the start of the game. The Celestial Synergist is a character with a focus on recruiting entities. Recruiting entities is a powerful way to improve your end of game scoring abilities, as well as providing you with benefits that help you throughout the duration of the game.

The Lore

The Celestial Synergist held a pivotal role during the reign of the Celestial Council, serving as the voice and advocate for celestial beings across the cosmos. Gifted with unparalleled powers of persuasion and communication, the Synergist excelled in uniting disparate factions and guiding them towards common goals, fostering cooperation and harmony among celestial entities. Now, as voices clamour for dominance and discord threatens to tear the universe apart, the Synergist works tirelessly to bridge divides and mediate conflicts.


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