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Introducing: The Astrum Harvester

This is the second in a series of eight posts outlining the asymmetric 'Celestial boards' that players choose from at the start of the game. The Astrum Harvester is a character with a focus on harvesting valuable resources. Players will need to carefully choose where is best to build assets that will benefit them the most throughout the game. Building assets is essential to being able to harvest resources, and gain all important victory points.

The Lore:

During the reign of the Celestial Council, the Astrum Harvester served as a crucial resource manager, tasked with identifying and collecting valuable celestial materials to support the needs of the council.

Now, in the aftermath of the Celestial Council's fall, he embraces a deeper understanding of cosmic balance. Persistent in his mission, he navigates the cosmic expanse to sustain and expand civilisations, ensuring their continued growth and prosperity in a new era of independence and uncertainty.


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