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Introducing: Chaos Cards

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

'Chaos cards' have had a complete overhaul! Chaos cards represent the Powerful dangerous beings that hide amongst the darkness of Laniakea. They were originally designed as a way to lightly mix the game up at random intervals, usually by introducing some sort of handicap to the player that reveals it, encouraging them to temporarily adjust their strategy. This handicap was offset by some sort of reward granted to the player for when they later defeat the Chaos card, (such as extra victory points or extra resources etc). It quickly became clear that while it was an interesting idea to keep players on their toes, it felt like it was getting in the way of the core game experience. Defeating Chaos cards didn't feel thematic, but more of an afterthought. It also made recruiting Entities feel too risky (as Chaos cards are usually revealed after recruiting an Entity). Entities are a key aspect of the game, and feeling nervous to recruit one for fear of revealing a Chaos card was not fun!

To fix this, Chaos cards now don't just affect the player that revealed it, but all players, meaning that every player has the chance to defeat the card and gain the rewards! The other major change is the way players can defeat these cards. Chaos cards now have hit points, and must be defeated by attacking them, rather than by spending valuable resources. This makes encountering these cards and defeating them feel much more satisfying, and doesn't slow the gameplay down. The mechanic now feels fully integrated into the game, and has even inspired a brand new Celestial Board (the asymmetric character boards each player chooses at the start of the game)!


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